Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Blog Has Come Into The Kingdom For Such A Time As This

The C4L blog.  What a great technological innovation!

There aren't enough hours on a Sunday morning to make known or to testify (a good, old word) to what God is doing in our midst.  Let's use this space to keep our C4L family up to date on what God is doing in our lives and families.  Let's brag on God.

I'll start it off.

Our 13 year old step-granddaughter, Courtney, received Jesus Christ as her Savior at C4L on Easter Sunday morning.  Thank You, Lord!!  This evening she expressed her desire to be baptized next Sunday at Solon Place Apartments.  That is God at work in the heart of a young woman and it is beautiful.

Alright, we're off and running.  Don't leave me hanging here.  What's God doing in you and/or those around you?

by Rich Stone


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  2. The first comment I wrote was about hearing crickets chirping. I'm not sure that's how the noise crickets make is described, but you get the point. Doesn't anyone have anything glorifying to say about the God of the universe and/or His blessed activity in their life?

  3. I'm still believing for this to happen. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. (chirp, chirp, chirp)

  4. Okay, I'm calling it. Time of death on this blog entry is 2259 on 23 May 2012. Long live This Blog Has Come Into The Kingdom For Such A Time As This. R.I.P.