Monday, May 14, 2012

The Care & Feeding of Your New Heart

The Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament says this about the meaning of the word heart: "However, in it's abstract meanings, "heart" became the richest biblical term for the totality of man's inner or immaterial nature. It's a metaphor for these aspects of a person: mind; knowledge; reflection; thinking; memory; inclination; resolution;determination of will; conscience; moral character; appetites; emotions and passions; and courage.

The number one assignment of our lives involves the heart. That's how important it is. In Matthew 22:37, 38, Jesus said He wanted our heart, soul, and mind. In Luke 10:27, our strength is added to what God is wanting of us. The point is He wants all that we are. Giving Him what He wants is the greatest way to care for your heart.

Our old hearts were programmed, so to speak, to go away from God. The Fall (Genesis 3) permanently recalibrated the heart of all humankind to disregard God and His love and purposes for us. That's why I wrote about our need to receive a heart transplant. Even with a transplant, though, we need to be transformed. The capacity to love Him is there, but the understanding that is necessary to be obedient; to do His will so we can love Him fully and freely, has to be acquired. We can offer ourselves to Him, but we need Him to perform that metamorphosis in us.

We are sick. He is our Physician. Jesus is our Donor. He provides His heart; performs the transplant; He writes the prescriptions; He makes the medicine that brings us health and life. He is our all in all.

Here are a few scriptural prescriptions for the care and feeding of our new hearts:

Romans 12:1, 2
God gives us a new heart because the old one was incapable of becoming what God wants for us and what He knows we need, so He is constantly performing upgrades and enhancements. Our responsibility is to stay connected to Him so we can present ourselves to Him as living sacrifices. That means we have to be available, near Him, minimizing the influence of things that distract us from being completely available for Him to do His healing work in us.

John 14:27
He instructs us to not let our hearts be troubled, agitated, stirred, full of fear.

Philippians 4:6-8; Psalm 16:11
It makes a difference where we live. Certain physical maladies we have are improved if we live in warmer, drier climates. Biblically speaking, as far as the well-being of our hearts are concerned, we shouldn't live in places like Dramaville or Stresston or Los Anxious or Turmoil Valley, to name a few. You know what I mean. We should live in His presence where there is fullness of joy. We should abide in close fellowship with Him in prayer and He will pour out His peace on us. We should dwell on things that are good and that will move us closer to Him and calm our hearts.

John 6:35; Psalm 119:103
Even a change in diet is good. Bread, water, and honey are great for you. Do what the Doctor orders.

There's so much more that He wants to do for us. He says if we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him. That may sound like He's hiding from us, but He isn't. Take the prescriptions. Change your diet.

Love Him with all that you are and He will reveal to you great and mighty things you do not know.

Seek Him with all your heart.

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